Peel Technologies (Private) Limited is a startup company based in Quetta, Pakistan, that focuses on providing IT and IT-enabled services globally. The company is registered with various regulatory bodies, including the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), the Quetta Chamber of Small Traders and Small Industries, and HMRC in the United Kingdom.

With a team of highly experienced professionals, under the leadership of Mr. Khalid Hussain Mir (aka; Khalidgraphy) Peel Technologies aims to facilitate and enhance business value through the effective use of technology, training, mentorship, and resources. The company has a decade of experience among its founders and team members, serving a diverse range of clients, including enterprises, startups, governments, and non-governmental organizations.


PEEL Technologies envisions a tech-enabled world that offers equal opportunities to individuals, enabling them to improve their lives.


The mission of PEEL Technologies is to contribute to the development of a better tech-enabled society by supporting economic development, entrepreneurship, the startup ecosystem, and the country's transformation agenda. The company aims to achieve this by empowering women and young people through educational bursaries, experiential training, and job creation.

Business Verticals:

Peel Technologies is currently engaged in three main business verticals:

  • Creative Digital Solutions | IT Services:

Under this vertical, the company specializes in developing innovative digital solutions. They offer services such as branding, website and app design/development, digital marketing, SEO, and software development. PEEL Technologies focuses on assisting small businesses in expanding their online presence and developing successful digital strategies.

  • Business Registration and Branding Services:

Through its subsidiary, Peel Consultants, Peel Technologies provides comprehensive assistance to entrepreneurs in establishing their businesses. They offer services ranging from business registration with regulatory bodies like SECP, FBR, PSEB (in Pakistan), and HMRC (in the UK) to branding, marketing, and advice on maximizing a company's potential to lead in its industry.

  • E-Commerce & Digital Employability Training Courses:

Peel eLearning, the training branch of Peel Technologies, offers courses in digital employability skills, eCommerce, and freelancing. They provide high-quality online courses and in-person training to help individuals increase their earnings and contribute to economic growth. PEEL Technologies is the first institute in Quetta to offer certification programs in Amazon FBA, Daraz, and other eCommerce platforms, both in-person and online.

Overall, Peel Technologies aims to leverage technology and training to empower individuals, startups, and organizations globally, while also promoting economic development and supporting the community.